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What is Mikrotik? Understanding Mikrotik & Explanation

What is Mikrotik? Understanding Mikrotik & Explanation - Mikrotik is a company engaged in the production of hardware (hardware) and software (Software) associated with computer network system headquartered in Latvia, adjacent to Russia. Mikrotik was founded in 1995 to develop a wireless router and ISP (Internet Service Provider) system.

Mikrotik created by MikroTikls a company in the city of Riga, Latvia. Latvia is a country that is a "fraction" of the former Soviet Union or Russia today. Mikrotik was originally intended for Internet service companies (ISPs) or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who serve their customers using wireless or wireless technology. Currently MikroTikls provides services to many wireless ISPs for Internet access services in many countries of the world and is also very popular in Indonesia. MikroTik now provides hardware and software for internet connectivity in most countries around the world. Mikrotik superior hardware products such as Router, Switch, Antenna, and other supporting devices. While Mikrotik's flagship Software product is MikroTik RouterOS.

MikroTik RouterOS

MikroTik RouterOS ™ is an operating system and software that can be used to make computers become reliable network routers, including features made for ip networks and wireless networks, suitable for use by ISPs and hotspot providers. For the installation of Mikrotik is not required additional software or other additional components. Mikrotik is designed to be easy to use and very well used for the purposes of computer network administration such as designing and building a small to complex computer network system though.

Mikrotik RouterBoard

RouterBoard is an embedded router product from mikrotik. Routerboard is like an integrated mini pc because in one board embedded processor, ram, rom, and flash memory. Routerboards use RouterOS os that act as network routers, bandwidth management, proxy servers, dhcp, dns servers and can also serve as server hotspots.

There are several series routerboard that also can function as wifi. As wifi access point, bridge, wds or as wifi client. Such as RB411 series, RB433, RB600. And most ISPs use wireless routers to perform their wireless functions either as ap or client. With routerboard you can run the function of a router without depending on the PC again. Because all the functions on the router already exists in the routerboard. When compared to a routerOS-installed pc, the routerboard is smaller, more compact and power-efficient because it only uses an adapter. For use in wifi networks can be installed above the tower and use PoE as the current source.

Mikrotik on standard hardware-based Personal Computer (PC) is known for its stability, quality control and flexibility for various types of data packets and route processing or better known as routing. Mikrotik is made as a router-based PC is useful for an ISP who wants to run multiple applications ranging from the lightest to advanced. Examples of applications that can be applied in the presence of Mikrotik in addition to routing is the application access capacity (bandwidth) management, firewall, wireless access point (WiFi), backhaul links, hotspot systems, Virtual Private Netword (VPN) server and many others.

Sistem Level Lisensi Mikrotik
Mikrotik is not free software if you want to use it fully, it takes license from MikroTikls to be able to use it alias paid. Mikrotik is known as Level on its license. Available from Level 0 then 1, 3 to 6, for Level 1 is Demo version Mikrotik can be used for free with very limited functions. Of course each level has different capabilities in accordance with the price, Level 6 is the highest level with the most complete function. Briefly described as follows:

  • Level 0 (free); Does not require a license to use it and feature use is limited only 24 hours after installation.
  • Level 1 (demo); At this level you can use it as a standard routing function with 1 setting and no time limitations to use it.
  • Level 3; Already includes level 1 plus the ability to manage any hardware based on Network Card or Ethernet and client-type wireless device management.
  • Level 4; Already includes levels 1 and 3 plus the ability to manage wireless access point access points.
  • Level 5; Including levels 1, 3 and 4 plus the ability to manage more number of hotspot users.
  • Level 6; Covers all levels and has no limitation whatsoever.

So some information about What is Mikrotik? Understanding Mikrotik & Explanation. If friends still do not understand about what is Mikrotik because just learning and tau Mikrotik, I recommend to watch Mikrotik Video Tutorial about What is Mikrotik following.


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