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Aceh Tamiang District is one of the districts in Aceh province, Indonesia which is the result of the division of East Aceh Regency and is located on the border of Aceh-North Sumatra. History shows the existence of the Tamiang region like the inscription of Srivijaya, then there is the history of Chinese by Wee Pei Shih which records the existence of Kan Pei Chiang (Tamiang), or Tumihang in Nagarakretagama.

This area is also known by the name of Young Earth Sedia, in accordance with the name of the Young King Sedia who ruled this region for 6 years (1330-1336). This king earned Cap Sikureung and the right of hanging from the Sultan of Aceh over the Coral and Young Vocations area at that time. (Source: wikipedia)

Tempat Wisata di Aceh Tamiang Yang Menarik Untuk di Kunjungi

Aceh Tamiang Regency is located in the eastern route of Sumatra, its strategic location because it is only approximately 250 km from Medan City so that access and price of goods in this area is relatively cheaper than other Aceh region.

As Other District in Aceh Tamiang Regency also has several tourist destinations that you can visit.

Places of Interest in Aceh Tamiang Interesting

1. Swallow Cave

Gua Walet

Sightseeing Cave Swallow is a cave where swallow bird nest in Aceh Tamiang district, Indonesia. For the location of this Cave angat far from urban, so not too famous among tourists therefore Swallow Cave impressed to be not managed properly.

But if you like adventure cave tourism is very suitable because it is in an unspoiled area. Also Read: 5 Places of Interest in Lhokseumawe Aceh Famous.
2. Twin Falls

Air Terjun Kembar

Given the name of twin waterfalls because this waterfall has two waterfalls lined in one place. This twin waterfall is located in Tenggulun village, Tenggulun subdistrict and has a distance of 60 km from the capital of Aceh taming district, Indonesia.

This place is a rare sight, because you can see two waterfalls are almost the same in one place. In this water you can bathe as much as possible under the waterfall with refreshing water.

3. Cave Pintu Kuari

Gua Pintu Kuari
This cave of Pintu Kuari Cave is also a cultural site and pre-historic site in Aceh. In this cave there are various kinds of ornaments that mark that once in the cave was once made a place to stay by early humans.

This cave can be made into a historical tourist destination in Aceh Tamiang district, Indonesia. To get to the tourist attractions of Cave Pintu Kuari you must first travel with a distance of about 45 km from the district capital.

4. Bukit Kerang Site

Situs Bukit Kerang

Wisata Bukit Kerang site is a historical tour which is a prehistoric relics site that is still treated well until now. The Kerang Hill site is a pile of millions of clams left over from ancient human civilizations in ancient Aceh.

This tourist spot is located in Kampong Jambo Labu, sub-district of Bendahara. To reach this place must travel about 30 km from the district of Aceh Tamiang and about 3 km from the city district Bendahara.

5. Beach Hall

Pantai Balai

Balai Beach is a tourist attraction in Aceh Tamiang is one of the kampung in the district of Seruway. Such as beaches in tourist attractions in other Regions, Balai Beach also has a beautiful sandy beach.

Although this beach is not too crowded in the tourist visit but there is no harm you try it. Balai Beach with a comfortable atmosphere for this place is perfect for those of you who like the feel of a quiet nature. Also Read: New Tourist Attraction in Aceh Tamiang What You Need To Know.

6. Seven Falls

Air Terjun Tujuh

Natural water attractions Tujuh Tujuh Level is unique when viewed from the condition of the waterfall itself by having seven levels with the environment that is still an unspoiled place.

This seven waterfall is located at Desa Selamat, Tenggulun Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang Regency of Indonesia, which can be reached by using two-wheeled vehicles.

7. Tangsar Biak flow

Tangsar Alur Biak

Tourist attractions Tangsar Alur Biak is a tourist location is located in kampong location Bengkelang, Bandar Pusaka district, Aceh Taming. To reach the location of this tour you have to travel Distance about 40 km from the capital district of Aceh Tamiang, If the city of the sub district of Bandar Pusaka approximately 10 Km.

Similarly information 7 Tourist Places in Aceh Tamiang Interesting, though In general this area is not a famous tourist area, but it would not hurt you to visit Aceh Tamiang to visit the location where the tour.


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