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Tips on Buying a New Laptop or Notebook

Tips on Buying a New Laptop or Notebook

In addition to tips on buying a new laptop part 1 there are some tips you need to know that is based on its specific hardware. Here are tips for you.

  1. Prosessor, if the problem "brain" this laptop, I suggest to buy a laptop that processor Mobile (special processor for mobile devices, especially laptops) do not the prosessornya for desktop PC. Even though the price of the Mobile berprosessor laptop is a bit high, but the usage is better. Then look for a processor that is not "value" (except for a laptop for a job that is not too heavy, example for typing, etc.), for example the "value" processor is Intel Celeron. For a matter of speed 1.6 GHz-1.8 GHz it's enough for the ordinary people, except for image-audio-video editing and games (which is certain) maybe the speed of 1.8 GHz - 2.0 GHz would be better .
  2. Memory, for standard memory search problems (256 MB-512 MB) for a laptop is enough, except when there's a need to install a Windows Vista OS, look for a 512 MB memory (minimum Vista memory standard) or 1 GB if possible.
  3. Hardisk, for the problem of standard storage media Hardisk capacity of 40 GB is enough but if there is a capacity of 80 GB is better (because usually the data on the laptop just for a while), except for the laptop for image-audio-video editing and games mungin need hard drive Which is quite large, for example 160 GB.
  4. Graphs, this problem is usually the laptop use the onboard graphics (usually from intel), but some are using from ATI or NVIDIA made chips but usually it is rare and there on the middle to upper class laptop, for general usage of this graph does not need to be questioned but for the enthusiastic May have to look better (remember that the graphics chip on the laptop is usually united with the mainboard is not separate in the card like on a desktop PC, so can not be upgraded).
  5. The monitor, a moderate monitor (14 "-15") is recommended, do not be too small (12 "), unclear or large (17") because large monitors affect the price of the laptop.
  6. Look for laptops that have wifi connections that support the A / G network or better still support the ABG network so it's quieter (actually the standard A-wifi network is supported by G standard only for lower data speeds A but standard B is not supported by both (A / G), so that supports the ABG network is better even try also that supports the latest N standard wifi network although there is also a possibility that is also somewhat rare).
  7. For optical devices (CD-ROM, etc), the average laptop maker now installing optic supports DVDRW although there is also a Combo (CDRW + DVDROM) or just DVDROM only, but I think DVDROM or COMBO is enough because this device Rarely used for writing (write) but more widely used read (read) because these optical devices also affect the price.
  8. For additional devices such as card reader, finger scan, intu etc can also be a consideration.
May be useful.


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