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The Legend of the Geurutee Valley

White sand stretches extensively along the coast of Kuala Daya. Ripples and gusts of wind that swung coconut trees, broke the silence of the bay area at the foot of Mount Geurutee. Lamno, a small town in Aceh Jaya district.

Located about 75 kilometers from Banda Aceh, Lamno keeps a million histories. Long ago, Lamno was famous as the home of white, blue-eyed, blond-haired Europe-like. They are believed to be descendants of Portuguese soldiers who were stranded in the kingdom of power in the 15th century ago.

History records, circa 1492-1511, the Portuguese warship captain Pinto who lost the war with the Dutch in the Melaka Strait, sustained damage while sailing from Singapore. This ship is stranded on the coast of the Kingdom of Power. King Daya did not want to let the ship run and landed without permission in Kuala Daya. Laskar Rimueng Daya stabbed a shot at the ship with a large cannon to drown.
All the crew and the Portuguese army finally surrendered and asked for protection. While waiting for fleet reinforcements from his country to fetch them, the Portuguese troops became captives. The crew is quarantined in a high-fenced area.

Day after day they kept waiting for help. But help does not come. They also surrendered to King Daya. The infinitely well-known King of Power frees them unconditionally to become slaves.

The Portuguese soldiers then mingled with the Lamno people. They were taught farming, speaking, and introduced the customs and culture of the people of Aceh. The former prisoners of war were then also allowed to marry the indigenous girl, certainly after embracing Islam.

According to another version of the origin of "white people" in Lamno, they were not stranded, but deliberately came to trade with the people of the State of Power. They carry valuable items, ranging from porcelain to guns and gunpowder. Return to their land, they transport the spices and the various produce of the earth. At that time Daya is a bustling commercial airport in Aceh. The merchants came from India, Arabia, China, and Europe of course.

The good relationship between King Daya and the white merchants, who spread far and wide, upset the King of Lamuri Kingdom in Banda Aceh, Ali Mugayat Shah. Ali, who wanted the Hero of the Shah to break with the Portuguese merchant, whom he claimed to be a kafir, then attacked and controlled Daya.

It was he who captured the "white men" in Meunanga. Two years later, Ali controlled two other kingdoms: Pase and Pedir (Pidie), then established the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam and established himself as the first king (1511-1530).

Seeing the location of Lamno which is not too far from the Portuguese-Atlantis trade line, the Straits of Malacca, the Pacific-stories about Daya as a bustling trading port in Aceh quite reasonable. The place is easy to find.

Marco Polo did that in 1292 on his voyage from China to Persia, as can be seen in his book Far East. Among other things, Marco Polo said he once docked in six airports in the north of Sumatra, including Ferlec, Ocean, and Lambri ata Lamuri.

Catatan lebih tua bahkan menyebut perdagangan global di Aceh telah dimulai sejak abad ke-6 M. Para pedagang Cina, misalnya, meninggalkan catatan-catatan tentang sebuah kerajaan di bagian utara Sumatera, yang mereka beri nama Po-Li. Wilayah ini juga disebut-sebut dalam catatan kuno yang ditemukan di India, berasal dari awal abad ke-9 M.

Trade in Aceh's ports grew after the Portuguese defeated Malacca in 1511, along with the establishment of the Aceh Darussalam Kingdom. Fearful of the Portuguese, traders from Asia and Arabia began to avoid the Straits of Malacca and switched to ports in Aceh.

Since then, Aceh's dominance in trade and politics in the region has strengthened, reaching its peak between 1610 and 1640. Due to living in a limited community for hundreds of years, Portuguese blood still flows in some Lamno societies, especially those living in Kuala Daya and Lambeuso and Ujong Muloh.

Besides being identical as the home of the blue-eyed girl, Lamno is also known as the country of kings. Frequently called figures such as Poeteumerom. Named Sultan Alaidin Ri'ayatsyah complete, he was the one who brought Islam spread to the region.

Safrizal Thabit, cultural observer in Lamno said, Poetemeureuhom comes from the kingdom of Pasai Ocean. Together with his entourage, he began traveling from Mareu Village following the upstream river and then combing the coastal areas. "The group then managed to conquer the little kings along the river," he said.

In the region, originally there are kingdoms including the kingdom of Lamno, Keuluang Daya, Kuala Unga and Kuala Daya. Having succeeded in conquering the small kingdoms, Poteumeureuhom did not immediately disperse them. However, the territory under which he is entitled is granted autonomy and is subject to the Power Kingdom or known as Meureuhom Daya.

As a form of gratitude to the king, the ceremony was held Peumeunap and Sumeuleueng ceremonies. During the ceremony the king was fed with rice from the best crop. The ceremonial ceremony of the king is then remembered and held until now every 10th of Zulhijjah or on the feast of the sacrifice.
History also notes that once the Poteumeureuhom state of the Kingdom Empire state has been slightly shaky. The kingdom of power which is then also subject to the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, must stand against the Portuguese who want to rule the whole region. In 1511-1530 at the turn of the leadership of the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam from Sulthan Syansu Syah to his son Sulthan Ali Mughayat Syah, the Aceh and Portuguese wars peaked. King Mughayat Shah, was forced to send his brother King Ibrahim led the war in the waters of Arun to stem the Portuguese entering the east coast of Aceh. But unlucky, the young king was killed in Arun.

To replace the head of Aceh's army in Arun, Sulthan Ali Mughayat Syah sent Poteumeureuhom's son-in-law, King Unzir who then held the reins of the State Administration. Since then the State of Power has no king anymore. Leadership directly merged into the core kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. The wife of King Unzir, Siti Hur was then ordered to take care of the wheels of government in the Kingdom of Power as well as a representative of Aceh King there. In the Early Jamadil Month of 1526, King Unzir was killed in Aru.

Post Siti Hur died, the government in the State of decline. This is because because oftentimes civil war and bickering due to the difference between the fellow kings who fight over power and tax revenue pepper. Things like that continue to happen in kuran time almost two centuries. Around 1711 until 1735, Sulthan Jamalul Alam Badrul Munir came to power in Aceh Darussalam. His government was not favored by the influential royalists in Aceh at the time. The king did not get strong support in the palace.

To eliminate the oblique paradigm, Jamalul often make trips out of the area to get sympathy from the small kings who are a separate entity in the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam. Sulthan Jamalul who holds Poteu Jamaloy is willing to make a special visit to the State of Power to curb the semi-empire situation because of war fighting for the king's tax. To smooth his tour, Poteu Jamaloy learns about the traditions and cultural customs that are practiced in the State. Finally he successfully reaffirmed the original "neuduek" rule ever initiated by Poteumeureuhom.

In the service of the king, the tomb of Poteumeureuhom located in the small hills on the coast of Gle Jong Village is now rescued by the people. Every Eid al-Adha, many people visit the tomb to make pilgrimage or take off the vows. A pilgrimage to the tomb is believed to bring blessings. In Lamno, the traces of the glorious period are becoming increasingly difficult to trace. There used to be many ancient relics such as porcelain and currency from various kingdoms of the world found. Almost all the historical relics have changed hands.

Lamno is now also no longer known as a city producing Lada. Only Arabica Lamno coffee beans still have names. Now the Lada hunter has changed with swallow nest hunters from the Teumiga cave and Keuluang cave on the lip of the Geurutee valley. The 2004 tsunami also made the Lamno nan no longer successful because the bridge between districts in Lambeusoi broke up. Since six years ago, residents were forced to use rafts to cross, because the bridge also has not been completed.

The talent also killed 6,000 Lamno residents. Blue-eyed girls are also rare. Now a piece of blue-eyed legend and power empire seemed to hide in the lips of the Geurutee valley. [] 


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