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There is one culinary that has always been my target every time there is a celebration in the village, the umbut curry. This culinary is one of Culinary Aceh Tamiang. Curry crepe feels special because it is served only when a large celebration, such as weddings, down land (aqiqah) or other celebrations that are a special moment.

A bowl of Umbut Goulash is always a target.
Gumby curry is not the main menu in the dish at the big event. Nevertheless, without the presence of Culinary Aceh Tamiang this one, it seems there are still less complete. In fact, curry clover can be spelled out only support menu, because generally this one is only served on the H-1 celebration.

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Typically, the Host deliberately presents this Aceh Tamiang Culinary for "kitchen people", a name for people who help the cooking process in every celebration. After all, the cobblestone curl never lasts long. Because it's so ripe, people are ready to wait with plates in hand.

Well, the basic ingredients of umbut curry is the shoot of coconut trunks or palm oil is still young. In Aceh Tamiang, this basic material is of course very easy to find. Because it has become common knowledge that Aceh Tamiang and Palm Oil, as if the two things are inseparable.

A common secret if Aceh Tamiang and Palm Oil, as if they were two inseparable things.

Newly cleaned Umbut rod
In each celebration, the host will cut down one or two palm trees to pick up his umbut. Typically, the felled tree is a palm oil tree which is male and can not bear fruit. This is one of my most favorite moments, because when this newly taken umbut has a sweet and soft taste. I sometimes can not bear to eat it raw.

Making curry sticks very simple, not much different from making other curry. The trick, the umbut that had been taken was chopped small with a flat shape then soaked for a moment. Meanwhile, the kitchen people will prepare a seasoning of garlic, onion, coriander, red chili and lemongrass chopped fine.

The mothers are chopping the stalks in a celebration of Aceh Tamiang society
This spice is then put in a thick pool of coconut milk together with the umbut that has been chopped earlier. Stir it all with medium heat until coconut milk boils. After that input the leaves of turmeric and sprinkle the red chilli slices. Oh yes, in order to feel more perfect do not forget to enter the salted shrimp, and sprinkle terasi as the final touch.

Then, let the coconut milk increasingly boil until the seasoning is absorbed in the flesh of the umbut. The texture of the fibrous cauliflower causes the spices to sink in easily, so that the cooking of the umbut curry should not be overcooked.

To enjoy a bowl of umbut curry, we just need a plate of hot rice and a piece of salted fish. If those three things meet on the plate, it feels perfect. Gumby curry does have a unique taste, because there is a blend of sweet and savory taste. The fibrous meat also provides another sensation when it reaches the mouth.

Gulai Umbut, paling nikmat disantap saat hangat
In order to feel more delicious, we can also enjoy this Tamiang Aceh Culinary with chili paste. Sliced umbut the savory earlier, Ezytravelers can cocorkan with a spicy paste shrimp paste. Guaranteed, it feels more heaven.

So naturally, this one culinary Aceh always be the target of people every time there is a celebration. Hence, I suggest if the umbut curry is cooked. Stop all the activities before Ezytravelers regrets if the remaining live kuahnya just hahah

For the people of Aceh Tamiang, this culinary is still easy to find. Because in Negeri Muda Sedia this is quite easy to find palm tree, which is the basic material to make curry umbut. I do not know whether because many palm trees in Aceh Tamiang cause the birth of this Culinary Aceh.


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