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Hi buddy all, meet again with me Muhammad Adjie. 
This time I will share info for you all about the basics "from NETWORKING and so on that you may not know or look for references about computer network .. just look: D

  1. What are the important tools in networking it?
  2.  What is the coverage / area of the network?
  3. The people networking it works where anyway?

    That person's network works where anyway? ..

1. What is networking?

NETWORKING Is a "network between computers" that connects "a computer" with "other computer" in the network by "network tools".

Hahaha, confused huh?

   This is full explanation ..

In the world of computers, Networking is the practice of connecting two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data and other benefits. Networking is built with computer hardware (hardware) or physical and computer software (software) logic.


2. Why networking?

Networking is needed, especially in an increasingly sophisticated era like this, because the network is certainly very important for the ongoing relationship or communication between computers. For example, to share or printer sharing, it is impossible for each computer to have one-on-one printers (yes it's expensive budgetnya> _ <) eat computer network was made to share the use of printers together, one for all so .. (sctv times ah ). And also function for sharing internet, one computer (server) can ip address from isp, then the server that share internet connection to client "dikantornya ..
3. Who governs the network?

Organize? Hmmm ,, surely not the referee lho yaa .. Which governs the work of networking that his name is Network Administrator, Network Engineering, the most often people call IT IT (Information and Technology). That is a certain "person in charge of taking care of the server, or me-maintenance network, network security, Ngonfig Router, switch .. etc

4. What are the important tools in networking?

Talk about the tools, definitely not far away "from Hardware (hardware).
Kinds of "network tools are:


A router is a tool that sends data packets over a network or the Internet to its destination, it is very important to forward one network to another network of different classes / subnets / ip. Through a process known as routing. The routing process occurs in layer 3 (Network layer like Internet Protocol) from the OSI seven-layer protocol stack.

The router serves as a link between two or more networks to pass data from one network to another. Different routers with switches. Switches are connecting several tools to form a Local Area Network (LAN).


Switch is a computer networking device that works in OSI Layer 2, Data Link Layer. Switch works as a connector or concentrator in a computer network. Switch knows MAC Adressing so that he can sort which data packets to be forwarded / continued to where.
Access point is a device that is used as a maker of wireless connection on a computer network.
Access point functions include: As a network device that works to make a computer network without wires, or commonly called WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity) 
Here's gakalah important, that nic. Yes it is important, if ga ga nic gabisa gabisa nyolok rj-45 cable to connect to dong network (wkwkwk ..)

NIC stands for Network Interface Card is a card that serves as a bridge from computer to computer network. How the NIC works is to convert the parallel data stream in the computer bus into serial data form so it can be transmitted through the network medium.

5. What is the coverage / area of the network?

To compile the Network is required planning of a Network built called the Network topology. Scope of the network itself is divided into 3. namely: LAN, MAN, and WAN.

Local Area Network or LAN, is a Computer Network Type covering the local area.
By using a variety of network devices are quite simple and popular, such as using UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted-Pair), Hub, Switch, Router, and so forth.

Examples of LAN networks such as computers that are connected to each other in schools, in companies, cafe, or between neighboring homes that still cover the LAN area.
Metropolitan Area Network or MAN, is a wider and more sophisticated Computer Network Type of LAN Computer Network Type. Called Metropolitan Area Network because this type of Computer Network MAN is commonly used to connect computer networks from one city to another.

To be able to make a network MAN, usually required by telecommunication operator to connect between computer network. Examples such as MoNE networks between cities or regions and also the network of modern malls that are interconnected between cities.
WAN (Wide Area Network) is a computer network covering a large area as an example of a computer network between regions, cities or even countries, or can also be defined as a computer network that requires routers and channels of public communication.
WANs are used to connect a single local area network to another local network, so users or computers in one location can communicate with users and computers in other locations. WAN is also often called INTERNET network as it is today. Yes INTERNET, lo open the site "emang pake what ?? internet right? (Bcanda gan do not be mad ok: v) 

6. Which networking person does it work anyway?

Talk about the workplace, usually the networking person it works not far "from the network .. yaa call it work in ISP, Or NA (network administrator) or NE (network engineering) in the company" big or so IT in small companies.

Special note for those who want to work in ISP or big company .. CCNP (CCNP) / CCIE is much better and bigger chances). Note CCNA later I will make another event with tutorial "networking cisco basic ,, keep tune: D 

Such is the discussion from me around the world of NETWORKING and understanding "its, thanks for visiting :)

Hopefully my writing is useful for mate all ,, amin ^ _ ^

~ Regards
M. Andika Syahputra


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