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Collection of Folklore Indonesia From Aceh

Collection of Indonesian Folklore From Aceh: Mentiko Betuah

In ancient times, there lived a rich King. He is a King who is loved by his people. He is very wise and kind. However, his happiness was lacking because the King and the Empress were not yet in the gift of a child. One day, the King was informed by one of the Royal advisors to go to Hulu Sungai, and requested a request. Finally, the King invites the Empress to go to Hulu Sungai to make an appeal for the gift of a child.
The place they are going to is very far from the Kingdom. They had to cross the river, up and down the mountain and through the jungle. Arriving at the destination, they immediately make a request to immediately be gifts of a child. After, make their appeal back to the Palace and hope that the request is granted soon.

Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat Indonesia Dari Aceh
After waiting quite a while. Finally, their prayers are answered. The Empress already contains one month. Hearing the news the King and Empress are very happy. Eight months later, a baby boy was born named Rohib. The King is very happy to welcome the birth of his first Son who had been waiting for years of his presence.
The King and Empress were indulging in Rohib. They magnify Rohib with love. Time went so fast, Rohib grew into a teenager. One day, the King sent his beloved child to study out of the Palace. Before, he set out to study. The king was advised.
'' Study diligently my son, so that later you can lead this kingdom well. '' Message the father to his son.
For many years Rohib learned. However, he can not finish his studies well. He was used to being spoiled by both parents. The father was very angry to know that his son Rohib did not finish his studies so far. One day Rohib came home before his study ended
'' Hey, my dear Rohib! What did you learn there? Where do you learn there? You really do not know yourself. I send you to study.! Guards, hang this child to death! '' The King ordered.
Outraged and upset the King instructed his bodyguard to give the death penalty to his own son. However, the empress requested that his Son not be put to death. The consort also proposed suggestions for Rohib to be removed from the Palace and to give money to trade. Finally, the King also approved his wife's proposal.
Not long after, Rohib took leave of his parents. The Consort is constantly crying to see her son should live alone out there. He went from one village to another.
One day, in the middle of a journey Rohib saw some children torturing Animals like rats, cats, dogs and shooting Birds with catapults. He also approached a group of children. Rohib also advised them. However, the nasehati did not listen to them continue to torture the Beast. Rohib also offered to give them money. On condition they can not torture the Beast. The offer is received with pleasure. The group of children left the place.
The money is what his parents gave as capital for the trade. However, the money, over time. Because it is given to those who torture the Beast. The trip is very tiring. Rohib stopped to rest in the woods and fell asleep under a shady tree.
Rohib was flying from his sleep. However, he was very surprised to see a giant snake in front of him. Rohib was ready to run away in fear. But, the snake came over pleasantly. Even serpents can talk like humans.
'' Haii, Rohib, do not be afraid. I will not eat you! I am the Snake King in this forest. Why are you here and sad? "Asked the Snake.
Hearing the words of the Snake, Rohib finally, telling what happened. He also told me that the money was spent because it was given to people who had tortured the Beast.
'' You are a good child Rohib. Because of your goodness, I will give this thing! '' The Snake pulled out a gem-shaped object.
'' What is this thing? Rohib asked confused.
'' This is the Sorcerer's Risk. This is an object that can grant all requests you ask. '' The Snake replied.
'' Thank you Snake master. '' Said Rohib happy
Rohib was immediately asked to Mentiko Sorcerer very much money. Not waiting long, Mentiko Siuah grant his request. Rohib returns to the Palace to hand over the money to his father. When he arrived at the Palace. The King is very pleased to see his son be responsible and remove his manj attitude. As well as bringing a lot of money from his own business.
After he gave the money to Ayahya. He went to bring the Mentiko Betuah to the goldsmith to be a ring. Because he was afraid the Mentiko Betuah was missing. However, the Goldman deceives Rohib and brings the Sorcerer's Highlight away. Rohib was very confused how to pursue the goldsmith. Finally, he asked for help to his friend's animal that is a Rat, Cat and Dog. The Dog also managed to find traces Goldsmith easily. They also managed to find a sleeping Goldman. As for rats, trying to find the Sorcerer's Mentiko, and find it and take the ring.
Before being returned to Rohib, rats deceived dogs and cats by saying that the Sorcerer's Mentiko had fallen into the river and disappeared. Therefore, the Dog and Cat panicked and sought the Sorcerer's Mentiko down the river bed.
The Rat also gave the ring to Rohib. Rohib was very pleased and grateful to the Rat and thought that the Rat was the most useful in seeking the Sorcerer's Mentiko.
"Thank you rats, you are the most meritorious looking for Mentiko Penguah. I say once again thanks to you rats". Said Rohib.
When the Cat and the Dogs are facing Rohib, they are surprised that the object is already in the Spirit. Apparently the Rat's wicked behavior had been smelled by both of them. Knowing that, Cats and Dogs get annoyed. They were furious. Since then Dogs and Cats are hostile to Rats.

 " The moral message of the Aceh Folklore Collection from Aceh is not to give up when the ordeal comes. Always try and do good then you will be able to overcome all obstacles "


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