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7 Important Things to Keep Your Laptop and Battery Durable

7 Important Things to Keep Your Laptop and Battery Durable

Open the internet should find important information for my laptop care. Well that's what I do. As a result I get an important artike about 7 Important Things to Look For for Battery and Laptop Care.

Although already a lot of gpp mbahas discussed yet again but this time with the version of personal experience :). Laptops or many who say portable computer easy to take care of, well here are some tips for a laptop is always healthy both hardware and software.

  1. What should be considered in taking care of laptop is that the laptop should not equate with a desktop computer, although with the same specifications but for the laptop if it can not be used for hours or full day like we use a desktop computer, because of the design and peruntukkannya It is different, if the desktop is designed to be used for hours if the laptop is designed for work that requires us to be mobile or do not know where to work nah if there is a desktop computer mending use desktop computer for office work.
  2. In order for laptop durable make sure the laptop is always in a safe condition from the heat, good airflow due to the laptop is very vulnerable to dust and heat, many laptop problems that occur due to this heat problem. Do not use a laptop in bed or a place that has a soft surface because the soft surface results when the laptop is placed on it will close the airflow under the laptop so the laptop will become hot because there is no airflow.
  3. In order for the battery durable for long usage and stable electrical tendency not to die better battery life is released just so that the battery is not charged by the electricity, and do not force the battery in a state of discharged properly when it is running low make sure the laptop is turned off or immediately dicharge do not wait to die alone Because it runs out of batteries. If you can when the dead charge and when it is full immediately revoked, usually the laptop has a light indicator that we can use as a sign.
  4. Use a cover or laptop wrap for the laptop is not damaged because of a knock when carried with a bag and also make sure when carrying not to squashed because the bag is full, this can damage the LCD has been proven to me my LCD there are possible lines because of the kegencet earlier.
  5. Use software that is safe from virus (use linux :)) so we do not always mess around with re-install because always get virus :). Or always use a good anti-virus.
  6. Take good care of the master program from the laptop because in case of missing it will be hard for you to find your laptop drivers.
  7. Before buying always see your need for a laptop and adjust the laptop specifications to your needs and budget so you will be happy to wear them.
May be useful. Do not forget to stop by again to find tips-tisp laptop care other up to date.


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