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5 The Uniqueness of Betel in Aceh Not All People Know

My grandfather sat on a bamboo chair on his porch, in a village in Pidie district, Aceh.

His mouth was busy chewing something. When calling me, red saliva flooded his neat teeth.

I went straight to him. I think grandfather vomited blood. But it turns out Mak said then, it is just betel. Grandpa likes to eat betel. Therefore, his teeth look neat even though old. But I do not want to eat betel, fearing my teeth red at a young age.

My dislike of eating betel, slowly disappearing, as I get older.

1. Potent drugs are various types of diseases

One night in Banda Aceh, I followed the study with my friends. The wind slammed into the neck like a prick. My body is feverish.

A friend caught me. He then gave me a piece of betel he bought near the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman. 'The mameh rupture,' she sodor.

At first I hesitated to eat it. Especially remembering my grandfather a dozen years ago.

But my friend said, eat good betel to relieve nausea.

I bite the cone-shaped betel nut. Initially, I tasted bitter when chewing its leaves. A piece of young betel nut in it was crushed with a molars to taste sweet.

Efficacy is not immediately felt, but the condition of the body becomes better after chewing betel.

2. Herbal remedies are cheap and easy to obtain

Since eating the betel that my friend gave me, I began to fall in love with a leaf named latin piper betle.One day my other friend groaned toothache. I immediately took him to the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman.We drove between the scent of coffee that sneaked on every corner of Banda Aceh City.Stop in front of the north gate of one of the grandest mosques in Southeast Asia.On the side of the road, I saw 15 mameh rupees. Young pine bunches clustered in front of the booth, which is also shrouded by some buyers.I went to the third booth, at the suggestion of a friend who gave me the betel nut that night.Wrapped in betel leaves, clove flowers, betel nuts, a bucket of lime, piled on the corner of the table. A middle-aged mother dipunjut betel leaf.He regularly placed it at the end of the table, with the tips of his fingers adorned with the incision of the blade and black by the sap of betel.Rows of betel pliers on the mother's table. It was like a bunch of bullet soldiers ready for heated firearms.

Quickly we order Rp 3,000, to 'fire it' in our mouths. He gave 12 punjut.

Immediately I chew one or two grains while chatting casually with the mother of the seller named Nurafni it.

I asked what made the betel feel sweet. He showed me fine grains of pinang seeds in a plastic bag, which had been saued with palm sugar so it was brown. Each one of punjut betel insisipkan secomot fine nut grains.

3. Now sirih began eroded foreign food and coffee shop
I left the 'betel market' near the Baiturrahman Great Mosque with a question in my heart, 'why I have never seen the younger generation of Aceh now eat betel? For six years I have migrated to the capital of Aceh province, seen many changes in this western part of Indonesia. '

The fragrant noodle of Aceh sometimes makes me want to stop the road for a moment.

While driving during the day, the aroma of Indian curry in some Aceh culinary recipes made me swallow.

Also the existence of coffee shops on both sides of city roads are racing to grow with trembesi trees on the sidewalk.

Some times I buy pizza at night, the outlet is full of visitors.

When I got home from there, I found burgers, kebabs, kentucky, spaghetti, spreading along the city sidewalks.

I do not see any betel sellers.

4. Betel position in aceh customs

In Pulau Weh, I see Sabang City government officials facing a group of tourists with Ranup Lampuan Dance.At Maimun Saleh Airport, the guests are greeted with a typical Aceh dance.Three girls dressed in customs-wearing a crown called a 'lumoi boh', wrapping the waist with yellow songket, as well as a toska green shirt and trousers.They smile while dancing in front of the guests.One hand holds a golden lady with betel punjutan. Several black-clad men who sat marching, beating drums and blowing serune kale while reciting the saga of Aceh by a sheikh.The three girls then approached each guest and handed her the lady.The guests took the betel, ate it, then smiled in awe. The dance ended.I observed the welcome of the guest as part of the wise saying that our elders often pronounce, 'Peumulia jamee adat geutanyoe-Honoring guests is our custom.'Also part of the rhyme we often say everyday, 'Noble wareh lampuan, glorious mameh voices voice-Glorify the guest with the provision of betel, a friend with a polite say.'

5. Never get out of weddings 

In a village in South Aceh, I noticed a young man in black wearing a meukutob and a rencong at his waist.He sits side by side with the young woman in a chair wrapped in a gold cloth and under a yellow umbrella, a crowned young woman with a carved hand in her palm that tries to hide her shyness.Some of the girls dressed in customs with boh langgoi on their heads, dancing while holding golden betel-nut.Accompanied by music instruments Ranup Lampuan Dance. The elementary school boys made me chuckle in awe.They lingered swiftly in front of the newlyweds, linto baro and baro virgin.Witnessed by residents and entourage from both sides of the bride.One of the dancers then handed the lady to the newlywed couple. Everyone, including me, smiled at the happiness that emanated from their faces.Marriage parties in other areas of Aceh also attended.I was amazed by the appearance of dancers Ranup Lampuan dancers.Sometimes I imagine, the man who wore the rupiah meukutob it is me, a young man who immediately became a guest of a village after receiving the betel from the dancer boy. 


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